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Inception & Background

Multimax Overdues Legal Solutions Pvt. Ltd. was incorporated and promoted in 2008 by a group of professionals and is presently headed by Mr. Paresh Kumar (, LL.B. & F.C.S.), who worked for more than 23 years with various big corporate houses of India like J K, DCM, Flex, Srei & Escorts at senior positions. While in Escorts Finance as Legal Head & Company Secretary, he visualized the growing needs for a focused and specialized team to handle NPAs/ Bad-Debts of corporates and in 2001 set-up a Resolution Outfit and headed the same successfully as Executive Director for more than 10 years. His unique resolution approach and adopting innovative litigation options depending upon the facts of NPA cases brought tremendous success to him, his team and to all the corporate clients, being serviced. Multimax is strongly supported by a highly experienced team of professionals from Banking, Finance, Management and Legal fields on the Board and in operations. Board comprises of very senior and experienced professionals Mr. Paresh Kumar and Mr. S. P. Gupta (B.Tech - Chemical Engineering), who have 35/40 years of experience in corporates in Legal, Accounts/Finance/Taxation/Administration and Chemical Engineering.

What We do

1. Single Focused Activity

2. Serving corporates in Recovering its Bad Debts/Regular debtors collection (with or without litigation).

3. Legal Advisory Services.

4. IBC/NCLT Cases Co-ordination.

5. Do not work for Bank / Finance Companies.

What We Are

1. Founder Mr. Paresh Kumar had to encounter Huge Bad debts in corporate as “Head Legal & Company Secretary”.

2. Successful track record With Innovative thoughts/fierce litigation/Mediation to recover Bad Debts.

3. Over 25 Years of dedicated experience in this segment.

4. Believed all good opportunities exist in difficulties.

How We Act

1. Understand the reasons for default.

2. Direct Communication with defaulters.

3. Actual Physical Personal visits/ Reconciliation.

4. Solve the obstacles/ Mediate to settle.

5. Appropriate Litigation / All India Advocate Panel.

6. Continuous Follow-Up to settle even after legal.

7. Monitor each Court date / Focus on End Judgment.

8. All actions strictly within legal four walls.

9. Qualified Educated / Presentable team.

10. All India Presence.

11. Support from Tracing Agencies, if required.

12. Execute BW/NBW in tough cases.

13. Provide AR for Court Hearings on behalf of clients.

Contact Us

Multimax Overdues Legal Solutions Pvt. Ltd. 605, Sixth Floor, Laxmideep Building, Laxmi Nagar District Centre, Delhi-110092 (India)


605, Sixth Floor,Laxmideep Building,Laxmi Nagar District Centre,Delhi-110092 (India)